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Orbit-Hopper 1.16c

New Release!

Download Orbit-Hopper 1.16c, if your game used to crash during start-up. This release fixes a premature OpenGL-call*, that could produce segfaults on some system configurations.

*thanks go to David W. for the hint.

Orbit-Hopper 1.16b

New Release!

A fixed version of the binaries for Windows and Linux (32 and 64 bit) is now available on the projects page.

  • Fixed crash on older GPUs.



I just discovered a bug while trying to get Orbit-Hopper to run on another notebook. If you are familiar with C++ compiling (or even if you aren't but know how to install make, g++, and the sdl development libraries), the following small change in Game.cpp (located in /source) will fix a crash during game start: Move the line "glBindFramebufferEXT(GL_FRAMEBUFFER_EXT,0);" up a few lines, right after the "applyBloom();" call and before the closing "}"-bracket.

Your Game.cpp file should look somewhat like this:


Save and recompile to enjoy Orbit-Hopper on machines without shader support. I will upload a fixed version of the binaries in a couple of days once I get home.