An OpenGL arcade-style space racer

Does anyone remember “Skyroads”.. ? Orbit-Hopper is an up-to-date Skyroads-clone featuring OpenGL 3D graphics, enemies, new floors, highscores, new levels and much more. A leveleditor is included. This is the first of my 3D-projects - development began sometime in 2004 and the game has gone through a lot of changes since then. It was started as a Direct3D project, moved to OpenGL soon after and finally became an SDL and OpenGL based game.

Thanks to SDL and OpenGL this project runs both on Windows and Linux. Source-Code is available, so you might even be able to get it to run on MacOS.


  • built-in leveleditor
  • enemies
  • pong challenges
  • windows and linux compatibility
  • several new maps
  • customizable controls
  • two multiplayer (splitscreen) modes
  • particle and glow effects
  • various screen resolutions
  • command console
  • time-attack mode featuring ghosts
  • customizable singleplayer campaigns
  • highscores and "medals"
  • complex trigger-system to allow dynamic levels
  • 10+ floor types (such as speed up, slow down...)
  • 70+ maps

Downloads include binaries for Linux and Windows, as well as source code (licensed under GPLv2.0+):
Download Requirements Date
Orbit-Hopper 1.16c SDL, OpenGL 07/19/2009
Orbit-Hopper 1.16b SDL, OpenGL 06/21/2009
Orbit-Hopper 1.16 SDL, OpenGL 07/20/2008
Orbit-Hopper 1.15 SDL, OpenGL 11/27/2007
Orbit-Hopper 1.14 SDL, OpenGL 11/24/2006


An artificial intelligence for Half-Life Mods

This program implements an AI (Artificial Intelligence) for some of the most popular Half-Life mods (FA, FLF, CS, DoD). There are two versions available for download:

V2.0f is the latest beta (test release), which includes several new features such as a completely rewritten navigation routine but doesn't run as stable as 1.4.

V1.4 is the latest final version, runs more stable and is more comfortable to use since there are more waypoints available for download.

This AI is the result of one of my earliest programming attempts. Written in C++ with parts based on the Half-Life SDK and the HPB-template it consists of two parts:

  1. a dll/so library file (for Windows/Linux) which does the actual work such as computing AI actions.
  2. a MFC - app to comfortably add and configure bots. Just a small app that let's you edit a configuration file that is used to automatically add bots with given names and such.
Bot navigation is based on waypoints. A newly implemented algorithm allows goal-based navigation (e.g: CS - bots search for planted bomb at bombing targets). Waypoints can to be created in-game. You may roam around the map and place waypoints that are saved per map. Once a map is "mapped" with these waypoints, you are ready to go and battle against some of these challenging bots.
Most recent features in V 2.0f include:
  • new waypointsystem:
  • additional waypoint flags
  • goal navigation (->bigger *.brw files and better goal based navigation)
  • waypoint-converter from *.brw 1.0 to 2.0
  • fixed DoD para-spawning problems
  • fixed FA spawning problems
  • fixed FA "black-death"
  • fixed ladder navigation
  • changed: color of wpt "trace-lines"
  • changed some wpt colors
  • added flag parameter to wpt infos
  • new/changed commands: teamonly...
  • new commands: c_sniperonly..
  • changed bocmenu: "improve - weaken"
  • new navigation system (for tracking down enemies..)
  • changed range navigation
  • new combat behaviors and actions
  • added "buttoncheck"
  • fixed wpt navigation
  • fixed DoD teamkill in para-mode
  • added new radiocommands
  • new bot communication
  • changed aim code
  • fixed FL_FAKECLIENT probs
  • compatible to FLF 1.7, DOD 3.1
  • tweaked reload code
  • fixed knife(handgun navigation
  • improved combat performance
  • improved navigation performance
  • various minor fixes
New Features (bocconfig.exe):
  • fixed dod para_selection errors
  • fixed mod_num problems
Download Requirements Date
BocBot 2.0 beta (Installer) Windows, Half-Life 09/2002
BocBot 1.4 Windows, Half-Life 03/2002


A Sudoku game

This is an SDL - implementation of the famous Sudoku puzzle. The motivation behind programming this game was the challenge to come up with an efficient way of generating Sudokus that are uniquely solvable. This means, that no guessing has to take place in order to complete the generated Sudoku. Thanks to a whole lot of tuning and experimenting Su14oku can now generate 9-by-9 sudokus with a difficulty level of "hard" in less than 2 secs on a Celeron 2.5 Ghz. For testing purposes, and as a challenge for advanced players, a larger puzzle size is included ( 16x16 instead of the common 9x9 ) as well - I don't expect anyone to solve one of these, though...;-) As always, the program uses SDL (1.2.9 this time) to produce OS-independent graphics, which allows me to present you with binaries for Linux and Windows.

Here's how this kind of puzzle works:
The layout of the game consists of 3 rows and 3 columns holding 9 cells each (which leaves us with a 9x9 matrix). Goal of the game is to fill all cells without violating the condition that each row/column and 3x3 subsection has to hold exactly one copy of each number.

Download Requirements Date
Su14oku Windows/Linux, SDL 12/2006


A brain-teasing "Mastermind" clone

Combinations is a single-player version of the board game "Mastermind". You have 10 attempts to guess the secret combination. Each guess will be rated by black/red (right digit, right place), and gray/white (right digit at the wrong place) pearls. If no mistakes are made, any given combination should be solvable in about 6 moves.
There's a C++ and a D version available for download. Source-Code is included.

Download Requirements Date
(D)ombinations SDL 01/2007
Combinations SDL 10/2005