Orbit-Hopper 1.16

New Release!

I just stumbled across an unreleased Orbit-Hopper version I finished a few months ago. Thought I might as well release it now, since I probably won't have much time to work on it anyway.

    Changes in Orbit-Hopper 1.16 are:
  • Fixed: some memory management issues
  • Fixed: ghost recording/replay
  • Changed: minor GUI enhancements
  • Fixed: minor leveleditor issues
  • Added: "ultra"-high details (see screenshots above)
Note: If you are unable to activate "ultra-high" details, make sure that your graphics card supports shaders and that you are using the latest drivers available.

Orbit-Hopper 1.14

New Release!

Long time, no updates. I was pretty busy over the last couple of months (and soon will be again, I guess) and couldn’t think of anything noteworthy to post. During the last few days, however, I managed to find enough time to take another look at Orbit-Hopper. As a result, I’m pleased to announce the release of Orbit-Hopper V 1.14:

  • New: added invisible borders to pong challenges
  • New: introduced a medal system to time-attack mode
  • New: shaded floors
  • Fixed: crashes in race mode
  • Fixed: bug in leveleditor dialogs
  • Fixed: minor pong-bug
  • Fixed: some wall-jump issues
  • Fixed: missing highscore could crash game
  • cleaned up title-screens and background images
  • changed some speed calculations
  • improved rendering performance of high-detail floors
  • replaced buggy time-attack level
  • minor changes (GUI etc.)
Update 11/27/2007: Uploaded an updated version that fixes some minor Castle-Attack glitches. Get V1.15 here.